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Bed Bugs

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What Are Bedbugs?

Bedbugs are a type of ectoparasite that feeds primarily on blood. While they can eat animal blood, they prefer human blood. As the name suggests, bedbugs hide in bedrooms across the United States. They’ll try to hide in your mattress, so they can stay close to their food source. Most bedbugs are 3/16ths of an inch in length.

Why Do I Have Bedbugs?

Bedbugs can enter your home for numerous reasons. Therefore, it is hard to know why they’ve entered your home. Sometimes, they have hitched a ride in your luggage or on your clothes. They can also travel from one apartment to another. If your close neighbor has bedbugs, you’ll likely get them too. Bedbugs create big problems for motel, hotel, apartment, and condo owners. Some people will experience a bedbug infestation because they’ve brought contaminated furniture or clothing into their homes.

Are Bedbugs Dangerous?

Since bedbugs bite and eat human blood, they sound dangerous. However, they’re not. Bedbugs don’t transmit dangerous diseases. If you get bit by a bedbug, you may experience an allergic reaction. You may develop a red, itchy welt.

How Can I Remove Bedbugs?

Getting rid of bedbugs won’t be easy. You need to work with a reliable exterminator to fix the problem rapidly. Furthermore, detecting the problem quickly can help. Detect it earlier, and getting rid of the problem will be easier. Our company offers bedbug canine inspections to help in this regard. We can detect bedbugs earlier and put together a plan to take care of the problem rapidly. Below, you’ll learn about some of our bedbug removal services.


Best For – Our manual services are recommended for rapidly treating certain areas in a home or office.

Preparation – The client will need to prepare extensively before the treatment begins.

Chemicals? – Our manual services are available with and without chemicals.

Heat Treatment

Best For – Heat can be used to eliminate large bedbug infestations in cluttered homes and apartments. Heat is effective for eliminating all bedbug stages, including adults and eggs.

Preparation – Clients need to be very little before the exterminator arrives.

Chemicals? – Chemicals are not needed. However, our exterminator may use Diatomaceous Earth to eliminate the bedbugs. It is naturally-occurring dust that eliminates bedbugs and other nuisance pests.


Best For – Fumigation is best for treating large infestations in large buildings.

Preparation – Little is required from the client. However, evacuation of the home for 24 to 48 hours is required.

Chemicals? – Fumigation relies on Sulfuryl Fluoride or Vikane to eliminate bedbugs.

Can I Eliminate Bedbugs Myself?

Most people will not have success eliminating bedbugs on their own. When purchasing DIY products, they might not be safe or effective. Can you stomach the idea of exposing your loved ones to dangerous chemicals? If you want to deal with the problem quickly, save money, and protect your loved ones, hire a professional. We offer bedbug inspection and elimination services to residents of Richmond.

Is Your Bedbug Treatment Safe?

Our exterminators work carefully to provide our clients with safe solutions to the problems you’re facing. We’ll only use the precise amount of product needed to eliminate the problem you’re facing. Furthermore, we strive to use natural products when possible. If conventional products are necessary, our exterminator will follow strict guidelines to provide safe results. We only use products registered with the EPA.

How Much Is Your Bedbug Treatments?

When possible, we provide our clients with standing pricing. As a result, the client will pay a fee based on the size of their property and the infestation. Either way, our exterminator is going to tell you the price before the treatment is carried out.

How Can I Prevent Bedbug Infestations In The Future?

Unfortunately, stopping bedbugs from entering your home won’t be easy. They’re difficult to stop. If they can enter your home, they’re going to stay and grow their population. Start by properly sealing your home. Seal all cracks and crevices to stop bedbugs from entering your home.

When Can You Begin?

Contact our local office to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled exterminators. Once you’ve done that, expect to wait 24 to 48 hours for our exterminator to respond.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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