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What Are Beetles?

The beetle is an insect that stands apart from others because they have bad vision and two sets of wings. Beetles are helpful to the environment, but they can create problems as well. In the United States, homeowners and renters have to worry about thousands of beetle species. The most common beetle species in your area include ground beetles, longhorn beetles, and powder post beetles.

Why Do I Have Beetles?

If you have beetles in your home, you likely have problems around your home. You might’ve neglected your backyard. Beetles will enter your backyard if you have leaf piles, old wood, or firewood piles sitting outside. Furthermore, they will approach light coming from your doors and windows.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

While beetles can cause numerous problems, they’re not going to pose a risk to humans. They’re a nuisance pest because they will try to invade your home. Most beetle species are going to damage wooden structures and furniture.

How Can I Eliminate Beetles?

Trying to eliminate a beetle infestation will be difficult. You’ll need to start by fixing the problems around your home. If that doesn’t help, you should contact a qualified pest exterminator. We’re ready to begin working hard for you.

Can I Eliminate Beetles Myself?

The beetle treatment procedure is complex and lengthy. Therefore, doing it yourself will be very hard. You can try, but you may not obtain the desired results. DIY remedies are often ineffective, and some are dangerous. Work with us, so you don’t have to worry about using dangerous pesticides and getting sick.

How Soon Can You Begin?

Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced exterminators today. We’ll respond to your inquiry in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Beetle Treatment Safe?

We required our exterminators to follow strict guidelines to ensure that our clients are protected throughout the process. We rely on safe products that are registered with the EPA. If you want to fix the problem without posing a risk, work with us.

How Much Does Your Treatment Cost?

If you want to take advantage of our beetle removal services, you’ll be subject to standard pricing. The price you’ll pay will depend on the size of your property. Our exterminator will give you a bid price before you sign on the dotted line.

Can I Prevent Beetle Infestations?

Preventing a beetle infestation is hard. You may not be successful. Contact us because we can help you stop beetles from entering your home!

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