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Steam Treatment

Steam pest control is gaining in popularity at an alarming rate in Richmond, Virginia. The popularity of steam treatment is contributed to its non-chemical base. With no chemicals to worry about, our exterminators can focus their attention on the pests invading your home. Our steam treatment is just as effective as chemical-based pesticides.

We suggest every Richmond resident know their options when it comes to pest control. These options include chemical-based, organic, and eco-friendly, all of which are available through our local Richmond location.

Steam treatment is utilized to eradicate bed bug infestations because of its amazing penetration and eradication capabilities. These are some of the most difficult pest infestations to tackle. In fact, many exterminators describe bed bug infestations as the “most challenging” of all.,

Steam is extremely hot, allowing it to start working on contact. It takes approximately 15 minutes to eradicate a full colony of bed bugs in controlled situations. Steam utilizes a “contact kill” to deliver the quickest pest eradication.

How Does Steam Work?

Steam works by generating high-temperature moisture that penetrates various materials, including wood, plastic, fabric, and some metals. The steam is applied in infested areas only to ensure maximum results in the shortest period of time.

Our exterminators utilize a protective barrier to protect pest-free areas of the impacted home. The steam is directed at problem areas only.

Environmental-Friendly Steam Treatment

Steam is an effective treatment that does not pose risks to humans, animals, plants, or the environment. It does not utilize chemicals, making it the safer alternative to chemical-based treatments.

DIY steam treatment is not as effective as our commercial-grade steam treatment because we utilize large machines that are more powerful than the ordinary store-bought steamer. In addition to our powerful steamers, the steam is forced into small crevices, cracks, and other openings to reach bed bugs hiding down below.

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