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Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is a revolutionary pest control process utilized to eradicate pests like bed bugs. This revolutionary treatment has taken extermination to a whole new level. In fact, it has helped exterminators in the State of Virginia alone to eradicate thousands of pest infestations. Its popularity is contributed to its high level of effectiveness, resulting in a shorter eradication process. While it does not seem fair to compare heat with other pest control solutions, it is necessary to help consumers determine if is their best option.

Another important benefit of heat treatment is its eco-friendly capability, which allows it to work without the use of chemicals. Chemical-free pest control is growing in popularity in Richmond, Virginia by the day. As more and more pest infestations begin to pop up throughout the city, the demand for heat treatment continues to soar.

No Health Risk To Humans Or Animals: Environmental-Friendly Pest Control

Heat is an environmental-friendly pest control solution. Instead of relying on dangerous chemicals, it utilizes temperatures around 200 degrees Fahrenheit to eradicate pests. In addition to the high temperatures, an amazing penetration capability makes heat a great pest control option. The heat has the ability to penetrate materials like wood, fabric, plastic, and some metals.

The high temperatures needed for the heat pest control application do not health risks to humans and animals. To eliminate these risks, we request the family to vacate their infested home several hours in advance. We also utilize barriers to protect areas of the home that are not impacted by the pest infestation.

Environmental-Friendly Pest Management Options

We offer a small selection of environmental-friendly pest management treatments, including:

All of these treatments are free of potentially harmful chemicals. To learn more about our eco-friendly pest control treatments, contact our local Richmond office to speak with an expert. You will be connected directly to a knowledgeable pest control expert.

Our Eco-Friendly Pest Control With 30-Day Follow-Up Visit

Our eco-friendly pest control services include a 30-day follow-up visit after the last treatment. This visit plays a major role in the process, as it helps exterminators determine the effectiveness of their pest control strategy. During the visit, the exterminator examines the impacted area, looking for signs of a pest infestation. If any signs are detected during the inspection, the appropriate action will be taken. The appropriate action will be an additional treatment utilizing the existing pest control plan or a new strategy altogether.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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