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Identifying Cockroaches

There are more than 4,000 known cockroach species in the world. However, a small portion of these species is linked to human habitations. Only a handful of species can be found in Richmond. Before you can begin working to fix the problem, you need to find out which species you’re dealing with. The species is important because its diet and behavior will vary significantly depending on it. Many cockroach species are not considered pests, but many are.

Cockroaches begin life as eggs, and they grow rapidly. Below, you’ll learn more about the various species of cockroaches in the United States.

Which Species Live In Richmond, Virginia?

Although there may be more, two of the most common cockroach species in Richmond are the American cockroach and the German cockroach.

German Roaches – Adult German roaches can reach up to 5/8ths of an inch. In terms of color, they’re light brown or tan with a pair of racing stripes on their heads. German cockroaches are prolific breeders, so an infestation will quickly spiral out of control. It only takes a few insects to create a full-fledged infestation. A female German roach can produce up to 40 eggs in an egg case. During her lifetime, she’ll produce approximately five egg capsules. When they enter your home, they’ll be found near ovens, dishwashers, and fridges. Despite having developed wings, they’re not going to fly.

American Roaches – American cockroaches can reach up to 2 inches in length during their adulthood. In terms of color, they’re reddish-brown with a darker color during the center. The American cockroach is one of the largest species, and it can fly. American roaches take up to two years to fully mature, and they’ll live another year after that. They’re not going to infest your structure overnight. They prefer being around sewer systems and other warm, moist areas. If you have American roaches near your home, you may have a broken pipe.

In addition to these two species, you’ll also have to worry about Pennsylvania Wood roaches, Oriental roaches, Smokeybrown roaches, Surinam roaches, Brown-banded roaches, and the Mediterranean Spotted roaches.

Pennsylvania Roaches – Male Pennsylvania wood roaches are much larger than female cockroaches. Adult males will reach up to 1 inch in length, but females are usually only half an inch. As the name implies, these roaches are native to the Eastern United States. Still, it usually isn’t a pest and it won’t reproduce indoors. They can be found outside in areas with lights. They prefer living near woodpiles, wooden shingles, and wooden siding. They’re also attracted to blocked rain gutters.

Spotted Mediterranean Cockroaches – Residents of Richmond may encounter spotted Mediterranean cockroaches. They’re roughly a third of an inch in length. They’re light tan but will have a few darker speckles. The spotted Mediterranean cockroach comes from Europe. Since reaching the United States, it has been growing its population rapidly. This roach will likely be found outdoor in foliage. They may enter your home, but they usually don’t.

Oriental Roaches – Oriental roaches are bigger than some of the others. The average adult will reach 1 or 1 and a quarter inches. They’re dark brown or black. Female oriental cockroaches will never develop wings. Male roaches of this species will develop wings that cover three-quarters of their body. Oriental cockroaches are similar to American roaches since both prefer being around sewers. The biggest difference is that oriental roaches are cold-hardy so they’ll be able to survive outside much easier.

Smokey brown Roaches – Smokey brown roaches can reach one and a half inches in length. They have a reddish-brown color. Smokey brown cockroaches are often found in the deep south, but they can be found in Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan as well. They often travel in shipment boxes and containers.

Surinam Roaches – Surinam cockroaches reach up to three-quarters of an inch with a solid, dark spot on the back of its head. Their wings are light tan. These cockroaches prefer being in warmer areas so you won’t find them further north. However, there is a good chance that you’ll encounter Surinam cockroaches in Richmond. All of these roaches are female.

Brown-Banded Roaches – Brown-banded cockroaches are smaller than others with most reaching half an inch in length. They’re light-brown or tan. Due to their size and appearance, they’re often mistaken for German roaches. The difference is that they don’t have racing stripes. Although this species can infest structures, they’re rare.

What Causes Roach Infestations?

Before you can find out why you have cockroaches, you need to know which species you’re dealing with. They might be entering your home to search for food or warmth. In addition to this, they could be attracted to broken sewer pipes. If you’ve found one roach, it might not be a problem. However, five, ten, or twenty roaches means you’ve been dealing with an infestation. Roaches can breed rapidly so it is pertinent to deal with the problem immediately.

Are Roaches Dangerous?

Living with a lot of cockroaches can be dangerous. A bigger infestation means that you’re going to face a greater risk of getting risk. While roaches aren’t dangerous and don’t bite, they can still create problems. They can spread dangerous diseases, and they can cause asthma to intensify. Cockroaches can contaminate your food sources and this can make you sick. When you find cockroaches in your home, get rid of them immediately.

Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches thrive in homes that have poor housekeeping. To keep them away, keep your home clean and tidy. Make sure that you clean up dishes and messes as quickly as possible. If you can clean your home clean, you’ll be able to eliminate the roach’s food source. They’ll have no choice but to leave their home and search for food elsewhere. If they enter your home and find a steady source of food, you have a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. Contact us. We offer cost-effective cockroach removal services.

We use the latest tools and techniques to remove these pests without exposing anyone to dangerous chemicals. We may need to use pesticides, but we’ll do so safely to keep you and your loved ones safe.

When Can You Arrive?

We’re eager to help you. Call our office and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified exterminators. They should reach your home in 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Roach Treatment Safe?

Yes! Our company works closely with our exterminators to ensure that consumers will receive high-quality, safe treatments. We train our exterminators to make sure they’ll protect our clients during each step of the procedure. Furthermore, we rely on EPA-registered products. Work with us to keep your loved ones safe and get rid of the roaches in your home.

Can I Prevent Roaches In The Future?

Preventing cockroaches from entering your home will be an uphill battle. You likely won’t succeed. Instead, work with a qualified pest exterminator. We employ the most reliable and skilled exterminators in your area. Call us so we can fix your problem rapidly.

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