Richmond VA

Why Richmond VA Might Be Your Ideal Destination

With the health of the economy in question, it is difficult for some Americans to plan a vacation. If you are going to plan a vacation, you want to make sure that you choose a destination that is worthy. That being said, you will have tons of different destinations to choose from, but one of the most intriguing has to be Richmond, Virginia. With world-class attractions, great cuisine, and small-time neighborhoods, Richmond is the ideal destination for just about any family. Below, you learn more useful tips that will come in handy, when you are visiting Richmond, VA.

Choosing The Right Time

If you are not used to hot and muggy weather, or want to avoid this type of weather, you best stay away from Richmond between the months of July and August. September through June will probably be your best options for some of the most beautiful weather. The winters can be pretty harsh, as the weather gets pretty cool and Richmond does receive snowfall. The temperatures are known to drop to lower digits in January and February, making it too cold to enjoy outdoor excursions.

If you wait till October to visit Richmond, you will get to experience the autumn foliage. The leaves turn orange, red, brown and dark pink, which makes the entire environment extraordinarily beautiful.

Traveling To Richmond

One of the best things about traveling to Richmond is it is located right in the center of the east coast, which means that you can just about drive to it from any location. This will not only save you a bundle on travel costs, but you will get to soak in the beautiful countryside during your trip. While the airport is fairly small, it is only located 15 minutes from downtown, and there are tons of flights that come in and out of the area every day.

Check Out The Poe Museum

Edgar Allen Poe is without a doubt one of the most iconic literary writers of all time. His works is responsible for shaping many of today’s most famous writers. Well, at the Poe Museum in Richmond, you can check out some of his first editions, letters, manuscripts, and tons of other Poe memorabilia. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday and visitors can freely walk through the museum or go on a guided tour.

Museum Of Fine Arts

Anyone that steps foot in Richmond, VA has to check out the museum of fine arts. With more than 33,000 different works of art, you can find any style to suit any member of your entourage or family.