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Top Richmond VA Tourist Attractions

Richmond, Virginia is home to over 232,000 residents. The city is extremely popular among American history enthusiasts, thanks to its historical background. Richmond became an established city in 1737, making it a crucial part of the Virginia colony. The city developed extremely quickly thanks to its location along the James River, a major transportation hub in the 17th century. Over the decades, Richmond has developed into a prospering city with amazing tourist destinations, some of which are listed below.

Virginia Museum Of Fine Arts

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most popular art galleries in the state. In fact, some former visitors describe it as the “best” art gallery in the United States. The facility was established in 1936, at which time it opened to the public. Today, it receives thousands of visitors each year.

The facility’s main goal is to encourage Virginians to encourage locals to study and participate in fine arts. The displays range from past exhibitions to more current exhibitions developed by some of the most notable artists in the world.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

The Ginter Botanical Garden is a home away from home for many Virginians. It offers serenity when times are tough, at least, this is how many of the locals describe the facility. Its dozens of themes enhance the environment while the aroma from the plants fills the air.

If you decide to take a trip to the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, it is crucial to be prepared in advance. Being familiar with the visitor regulations in advance will ensure the best visitor experience. During peak season, visitor lines may be longer than usual. To avoid long lines and waits, it is recommended to visit in the evening hours.


Maymont is located at 1700 Hampton Street in Richmond, Virginia. The estate is comprised of 100 acres in total with an arboretum, wildlife, park, and multiple gardens. The facility receives hundreds of visitors each year, a mixture of locals and out-of-town visitors. The estate’s most popular exhibition is its carriage college, which is comprised of some of the most amazing vintage carriages.

Maymont offers its visitors a trip back time. James H. Dooley, a local attorney, selectively choose the location just above the city’s biggest water transport the James River. The estate is maintained on funds from the city and tickets.


Other popular tourist destinations in Richmond include the Hollywood Cemetery, Virginia State Capital, Science Museum of Virginia, and White House of the Confederacy.